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Dr Woolard and her staff are great! Great customer service. Dr Woolard does great work. Whether you go for a cleaning, filling, or braces you will be happy with the work. Check out the before and after braces pictures of my daughter. That's Dr Woolard's work.

Angie P.

She is amazing. I have seen her for 10 years and she has always done an amazing job at fixing my teeth. Fillings, many crowns, root canal, fixing a chipped front tooth. Everything done really well, never rushed anything, always made sure things are perfect. She has such a calm and relaxing personality which really helps me. All her crowns have been perfect so far. After having been to many dentists she is by far my favorite.

David H

Wonderful experience for many years.Recommend highly.Very considerate about my comfort.Been happy for 10 years in for the long haul.Not going anywhere else.Thanks.Keep up the good work girls!

Mike W.

Our family has been going to Dr Woolard for over 14 years. We love her! Her dental work is excellent. She has done fillings, crowns and veneers and we have been 100% satisfied with her work both aesthetically and medically. You can be confident you are receiving excellent care with Dr Woolard!

Tracey B.

Oh, I love my dentist! She has the lightest touch with the needle and very sensitive to patient's needs. She did my veneers for a great price and they are flawless! My husband and I have been going to her for years and love her! Her receptionist, Diane is also great and on top of paperwork! She is a gem. I love everyone there. It is always a good experience and it is like visiting family. My husband's teeth look great, too! He has a very kissable smile, now ;-)

Donna P.

Best dentist in SCV and a wonderful staff! Dr Woolard has been my dentist for over a decade and I have not been dissapointed. I have major work done in my mouth (veneer, bridge, filling) and she has helped bring back my beautiful smile! She made me forget the bad experiences I had with the other dentist. She is very professional, friendly, so likable and will guide you through the entire procedure, with Dr. Woolard you're in good hands!

Rebecca F.

We have Delta Dental HMO and it's an understatement to say that the list of dentists to choose from is very disappointing. Lots of dental groups come up and there seem to be a high number of let's just say similar sounding positive reviews. However mixed into these reviews are often horrible statements by dissatisfied clients. I wasn't going to fall for this.

I wanted a genuine standalone dentist, not a Dental Group. I asked around and someone recommended Dr Woolard. I was shocked she even took this insurance but she does. So I made my first appointment.

Dental insurance often pays very little and dentists are often quick to recommend procedures that may not be necessary or aren't covered by insurance. I have spent countless hours in dental offices and I can recognize a sales pitch a mile away. I'm always skeptical.

Thankfully, I did not get this Vibe with Dr Woolard. She is just a no-nonsense dentist. She did some work on my teeth and I liked her style. For the first time in a long time I felt comfortable dealing with the dentist.

I was so happy that I decided to have her do crowns on all my front teeth. I have been putting this off for some time and knew I needed this. I wanted to find the right dentist to do this since this would involve significant out-of-pocket expenses.

Dr. Woolard does not use one of these in house machines to create crowns. I have been told by someone on the inside that it is better to have a crown made in a lab with a multimillion-dollar machine instead of a crown made in an office with a $100,000 machine.

I asked and they use glidewell labs for their crowns. I checked with my contact and was told that they are an excellent lab and well respected.

Long story short, I had her do my crowns. I could not be happier with the fit and appearance. I could tell she took great care when putting them in and adjusted them to make sure that they were perfect. I told her that they were fine and she insisted on continuing to work on them until they were perfect by her standards.

On top of all this, the staff is excellent. I live a very busy life and don't have time to deal with nonsense like teeth cleanings. So I appreciate that the staff calls me to remind me. When I tell them that I am extremely busy and try me in a couple weeks, they actually call me and remind me. I need a dentist like this.

I was so happy that my wife started going there and I started taking my kids there as well. I then discovered that several friends of mine are also long-time customers of hers. I feel like I have found a Hidden Gem.

Just a note, her office is nothing fancy. Sure I miss going to the fancy dentist in Beverly Hills with the water feature in the lobby. But then again, I guess I was paying for that with all the extras that they always seem to be selling me.

On another note, she may have saved my life. They actually took my blood pressure and she told me that my blood pressure was high. Specifically she spelled it out in a language that I would understand. She told me that I needed to go to my doctor immediately upon leaving her office.

I actually trusted her and did so. My doctor was alarmed and now I'm on medication to correct a high blood pressure issue. Doctor Woolard genuinely seemed to care and urged me to not play around with this.

I could not be happier.

David M.